Tips to Improve Your Trip When Traveling Alone

The fear and uncertainty of traveling alone sometimes distracts from the joy of a new adventure. Your next great solo trip–especially if it is your first one alone–is not as scary as you think. In fact, traveling alone allows many different exploration opportunities that are not available with groups. You just need to plan for it.

Here are some tips to make traveling alone better.

Plan in Advance

Plan in advance to minimize delays and dilemmas. Try to think of a plan and strategy for different possible travel problems. Therefore, if a problem surfaces, you have a way to combat it. Make sure to book everything from flights to activities as soon as possible.

Utilize the internet’s many resources to plan activities, find tips, and pick places to dine. Groupon’s business pages cover all of those checklist items. This section of the deal giant’s website lets users read reviews, view pictures, and explore a business’s history. Groupon pages lets you know such useful things as where to find $2 shots in Las Vegas (Fresh Grill and Bar) and where to find great pizza in Brownsburg (So Italian!).

Use Groupon’s business pages, travel blogs, guides, and your own to-do lists to help make planning for your trip easier.

Enter Every Open Door

The most euphoric solo traveling trips involve experimenting (legally) and exploring new activities, foods, and customs. Do not become that person too afraid to dance with the locals or try a thousand year old egg. Step away from your comfort zone and into the “yes” zone. Let yourself see, try, and taste as many new things as possible.

Meet the Great Unknown

Detach yourself from the tourist temptations. Do not wait in line for hours just to see a place that some random travel magazine dubbed as a must-see place. Instead, hit the travel forums for more insight into places to visit, ones just as beautiful and life changing as the tourist spots but without the media attention.

Depend on a Guide

Either you can become a history buff of a new foreign city, or you can hire an experienced city historian to guide you. The tour guide tells you little tidbits that would have taken you hours of exhaustive research to learn. With each history lesson, you appreciate each place that you visit more. Upon returning from your trip, dazzle all your friends with your new knowledge.

Appreciate the Art of Being Lost

For a day, put your guidebook aside. Take this day to travel to new areas in the city. Do not worry about being lost, or your next stop: See what else lies beyond your carefully planned adventure.

Traveling alone has life changing possibilities. You just have to research, explore the unknown, get lost in the journey, and try something new.

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