Things to Do in Perth, Australia

Australia is an incredibly vast country so for most people deciding where, in Australia, to go is the first tough decision to make.

I was fortunate in that respect as I recently found out that I have a brother that I had never known about, adopted at birth and kept quiet from the rest of my family. All was revealed about 6 months ago and, as luck would have it, it turned out he lived in Australia specifically Perth. I booked the first available flight. I had always wanted to travel down under and the opportunity presented itself to me in such a way that who was I to turn it down.

Not only was my meeting with my cliche ‘long lost brother from Australia’ (true story I swear!) one of the most magical times of my life, but Perth absolutely blew my mind, what a place. I arrived in Perth a fortnight before my brother and his family arrived home from holiday which gave me a great opportunity to see for myself what the city had to offer, it didn’t let me down. So for anybody out there who is planning on venturing to Perth, here are were my favourite things that I did, and you will no doubt enjoy.

Outdoor Cinema

So on day 3 I was wandering around waiting for Perth to strike me with inspiration, I had spent quite a bit on day 1 and day 2 because I sadly lack any kind of restraint when it comes to spending money and like the magpie that I am purchase anything shiny or interesting, much to the horror of my bank account!! So I had a quiet day meandering through the city, the sun was fading and BAM!! I see it… an outdoor cinema, comfy bean bags tea and coffee on tap, snacks available and a ginormous screen to watch films on. I’ll be honest I thought outdoor cinemas were somewhat of a myth, a very British opinion no doubt. So for the next 3 hours I watched a film that I had never heard of with no recognisable actors in it but all of that was irrelevant as the excitement was more about the method of watching film as opposed to the film itself. I was in Northbridge Piazza but as I have since found out, these cinemas exist across Perth and I implore you to join in the fun!!

Botanic Park

I am by no means an avid horticulturist but there is something very special in seeing what grows in other countries, and how their landscapes are shaped. With this in mind, one of the best things I did in Perth was the Araluen Botanic Gardens, but it was a trip for which I can take absolutely no credit. My brother and his family took me to the gardens, they are set in the Darlig mountain range and was around an hours’ drive from his place. Naturally my brother had packed the car up with cool boxes and the barbecue and we found, among the many, a beautiful grassy area overlooking a mazy stream. Everywhere her felt very relaxed, we hardly saw another soul, we laughed we played football and we had an excellent day in a beautiful setting.

Out and about

My brother and I took quite a few nights out during our ‘boozing’….er ‘bonding’ process and I found Perth to be a great night out, especially all the quirky little bars without rooftop terraces inside the city and there were some decent clubs too. We went to a really cool casino on my second to last night, probably fortunate that we’d left it so late, I was nearly broke. The Crown Perth hotel and casino it was called, it was one of those places that had it all, we had some good food, some nice wine, lost my money, won it back again and finally pub crawled our way through the hotels’ many bars, just a great night.

I was lucky that I was with someone who knew the place, just for those places that you wouldn’t necessarily find through a search engine, but these days almost everyone knows someone in Australia…right?

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