Essential Travel Guide Business Travellers

There is travel for pleasure and then there is business travel and while it might seem like the logistics for travel in any circumstance might be the same, there are a few tips that can make travel for business a more convenient and enjoyable experience. In this post we’ll cover three of them.

Open a Corporate Account

There are several instances where you can get a corporate account for your business travel. Often this will involve discounts or greater convenience. Rather than waiting to flag a cab for example and risk being late for that important meeting there are many great corporate taxi services you can use. They’ll know your offices and will want to keep your business so will be timely in their pick-ups.

Corporate accounts can even be opened for other modes of travel such as rail, Heathrow Express, for example, offer a corporate account, one perk of which is having a pre-printed book of tickets delivered to your office. Without a doubt having a corporate account to cover the many aspects of your business travel is always a good idea.

Go Business Class

Business Class is often seen (usually by non business travellers) as a luxury but actually when you are travelling some distance to go to a business event or meeting, having more comfortable seats or even a bed to allow for rest is essential for peak performance when you are at your meeting.

Business class travel on planes and trains often means better access to plug points so that you can connect your devices if you need to work. Desks to work on and other perks such as complimentary drinks and newspapers.

Don’t Forget to Charge

Running out of charge on your iPad or iPhone can be frustrating for a leisure traveller but for a business traveller it can be a nightmare. Make sure you charge all your devices to full the night before you set off on your business trip.

If this is something that you often forget to do and find yourself caught short with a dead battery, then invest in a portable charger. There are plenty about that have enough charge to get your essential devices going again when you really need it.

Business travel needn’t feel like work, if you follow these simple tips to make your journey a little easier and more convenient allowing you to turn up to your business meeting or event fully refreshed and ready for business.

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