Camping for Beginners: Tips to Make Your Experience a Great One

Every summer as a child my father would take me on camping trips all over the country. I’ve even had the opportunity to spend some time camping in Canada as well. Looking back, I feel very fortunate to have seen so much of the unique landscapes both countries have to offer. My father and I have years upon years of camping experience so for those of you looking to start camping or are planning your own camping trip this article is for you.

Camping equipment is first on the list. Right off the bat you may be thinking about getting a trailer for your camping trip, but let me just say that if you want a true wilderness experience a big, fancy trailer will not do it for you. Camping in a tent is the only way to go in my opinion. It heightens one’s appreciation for nature and offers time away from all the modern technological conveniences of the world. For good quality tents many retail stores offer an extensive list of camping and hiking gear so there’s a great place for beginners to start. Many of these stores also offer coolers, sleeping bags, air mattresses, and lots of other helpful camping accessories.

When you do go on your camping trip it’s important to come prepared, and that includes your wardrobe. Trust me, Yellowstone was gorgeous but my feet weren’t prepared for the forty degree weather we got at night. Many sportswear stores have a lot to offer in terms of outdoor apparel so I would head over to their site first when considering camping clothes. Sportswear stores have enormous hiking and travel sections so you should have no trouble finding something you, and detailed information about each location.

If however, you’re thinking this camping trip of yours will simply involve driving from point A to point B, I’m sorry to say you are mistaken. Camping hardly ever involves just one stop, and that’s not including bathroom breaks. Some camping trip locations can take days to reach depending on where you live, but then again the point of camping is to get far away from home. This being said, you will have to camp at potentially multiple locations on your way to your final destination. Many camping websites offer a list of local camping sites all over the world, so wherever you find yourself down the road you’ll be able to find the closest campsite instead of having to wander the roads searching for hours.

Camping is a great experience for children and adults alike. It’s a nature experience like no other and gives everyone involved a deeper appreciation for the world we live in. Thanks to the camping trips I took with my dad growing up I now have fond memories of both him and the far away places we explored together.

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